[UX] I can not find a way to create a new repository using the web UI

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Jul 9 13:40:41 UTC 2021

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On 2021-07-09 09:05:07 +0000 (+0000), hexagon-recursion at posteo.net wrote:
> Hello. I wanted to give opendev.org a try as an alternative to
> github for my own free software projects unrelated to OpenStack.
> Your homepage says that this is allowed and encouraged
> https://opendev.org/#can-i-host-my-project-on-opendev . I am
> currently stuck unable to figure out how to create a git
> repository.
> What I have done so far:
> 1. Clicked on "Get Started"
> 2. Created an Ubuntu One account
> Where is my "create a git repository" button?

That "Getting Started" chapter of the Infrastructure Manual is about
the workflow for pushing changes to existing projects. For creating
a new project, you push a change to our configuration repository
adding that project, and once it's reviewed/approved (mainly a
formality but also an opportunity to provide guidance and check
validity of the submission with CI) our automation creates the
project in the various systems you'll be using. The instructions can
be found in the Project Creator's Guide chapter here:


Jeremy Stanley
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