Service Coordinator Nominations and Election

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Tue Jul 27 20:52:57 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

It has been about six months since the previous election for the OpenDev Service Coordinator spot. When we did the last round I said we could do about 2 weeks of nomination period then follow that with a week long election if necessary. Considering this the official open call for nominations which will stay open until 23:59 UTC on August 10, 2021. If we need an election that will run from 00:01 UTC August 11, 2021 to 23:59 UTC August 17, 2021 UTC.

If anyone else is remotely interested please feel free to step up. I've been doing this for a bit now and would be happy to have someone else take on the role. Let me know if you have questions about what is required. I am also more than happy to help in any transition that happens.

Looking ahead to the next election I think we'll run those with nominations January 25, 2022 - February 8, 2022. The election would run February 9, 2022 - February 15, 2022.


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