[Edge-computing] Glare and image synchronisation

Christopher Price christopher.price at est.tech
Mon Apr 9 15:11:13 UTC 2018

Hi Gergely,

I recall we discussed distributed image sync, not centralization.

If my recollection is correct the dialog related to using glance and leveraging ("new kingbird - NKB") location specific keystone config to determine the roles and rights associated with the site - thus images.

Glare if I understand it correctly (as I likely do not, as it is a nascent project) establishes a single artifact repository, but seems to be heading in the right direction of creating consistency.

In short, I don't know...

It does look like a good talking point for Vancouver Forum, but we will likely need to make some progress on "NKB" in order to describe the needs and target behaviors by then.

/ Chris

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There is an ongoing discussion about VM and container image synchronization between edge cloud instances in the edge computing group.

I have some faint memories, that we dicussed this kind of features for the future of Glare, but I’m not sure anymore. . .

Are there any plans to implement these kind of features into Glare?


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