[Edge-computing] [keystone][testing]: Test scenarios

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There are several answers for this question 😊

  1.  The main success scenario of Keystone as a SP using an external IdP is already implemented in the Keystone Tempest plugin
  2.  The same with a local IdP is not ready
  3.  Testing error cases has not been done yet
  4.  Testing Keystone as an IdP not done yet
  5.  Testing on several locations in OPNFV environment with injected network errors and delays is not ready yet
So more no-s than yes-es, but we are somewhat progressing.


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I might have missed this in the meeting this morning.
What is the general status of the ‘Federated Keystone in Edge Environment’ TESTING ?

  *   Are we still in the process of setting up a test environment ?    (I think this is the case)
  *   Is there a timeline on when we think
     *   Setup will be done, and
     *   we will be able run some of the tests ?
     *   ( Ideally results would be available for discussion at PTG meetings )

( Interested in seeing results )

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Subject: [Edge-computing] [keystone][testing]: Test scenarios


I’ve listed some scenario on title level to row 41 or the etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ECG_Keystone_Testing .

Some question:

  *   Do we keep the test design in the etherpad or should I move it to the wiki (I think Wiki is better, but you know this already 😊)
  *   Do we want to test only the Keystone functionality or Keystone + mod shib?
  *   Any comments?

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