[Edge-computing] [all] Berlin Hackathon: Hacking the Edge

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Mon Aug 27 15:54:42 UTC 2018


For the weekend before the Berlin Summit we plan an additional
OpenStack community event: "Hacking the Edge" Hackathon.
The idea is to build together a community cloud based on
Edge technology.

We're looking for volunteers:

Try out the newest software version from your projects like Nova,
Cinder, and Neutron. What's the requirements for Edge and what
makes sense? Install different components on different devices and
connects all of them.

Operation of Edge Cloud is also a challenge. Changes from 'must be
online' to 'maybe online'. Which measuring methods are available for
monitoring? Where are my backups? Do we need an operation center
also in the Edge?

General Edge Cloud Architecture. How is the plan for connecting new
devices with different connectivity. Scalable application and
life cycle management.

Bring your own devices like laptop, Raspberry PI, WIFI routers, which
you would connect to the Edge Cloud.

We host the event location and provide infrastructure, maybe together
with a couple of 5G devices, because the venue has one of the first
5G antennas in Germany.

Everybody is welcome to join and have fun. We are only limited
on the event space.  More details are also in the event description.

Don't be afraid to ask me directly, via e-mail or IRC.

kind regards

Frank (eumel8)

Registration: https://openstack-hackathon-berlin.eventbrite.com/
Collected ideas/workpad:

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