[Edge-computing] Classifying edge-site scenarios / Identifying expected features

Mahadev Satyanarayanan satya at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Jan 10 12:40:49 UTC 2018

On Tuesday 09 January 2018 23:20:07 Hyde SUGIYAMA wrote:
> How can OpenStack Edge Computing help Automotive industry?

A key insight is that "edge" has to mean inside the vehicle, not only
at cell tower or close to it.  In other words, every vehicle should have
a substantial on-board cloudlet.   See these two references on why:
 - http://elijah.cs.cmu.edu/DOCS/hu-livemap2017.pdf
 - http://elijah.cs.cmu.edu/DOCS/satya-lanman2017.pdf

Edge-enabled OpenStack in every vehicle?

              -- Satya

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