[Edge-computing] [opnfv-tech-discussion][Edge Cloud] minutes for weekly meeting on May 10th

zhaoqihui at chinamobile.com zhaoqihui at chinamobile.com
Mon May 14 11:15:17 UTC 2018

Hi Team,


Here is the summary of last week’s meeting. Sorry about the late update.


Project update:

1.      We have got our own project page in opnfv wiki projects:

2.      A webpage for materials share and Q&A has been created:

a)       Meeting materials can be found on this page

b)       An etherpad page for offline discussion and Q&A:
https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/Material_Q%26A. Anyone, who has any question or
answer, is welcomed to write in this etherpad page.

3.      About edge cloud requirements:

a)       China Mobile has given a basic proposal on requirements. More
widely used ideas and more details need to be completed, which requires more
team members to participate.

b)       We will start write document for “Edge Cloud Requirement” soon.




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