[Edge-computing] Edge Node locator

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Hi Christopher,

I was not aware of CBN. This seems very interesting. I will look into it for more details.

>> Millions of ways to skin that poor little cat though, imagination Vs cost…

That's true ! :)

Best Regards
Bharath T
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A left field thought which I find quite interesting is to run your application on a CDN overlay.

This can be constrained to the application layer and run over IP which reduces the need to try and weld this type of function to the infrastructure layer or expose too much service awareness through an extended mesh.  (security security)  Moves the problem to a defined space and keeps your infrastructure and app workloads simple and focused on what they should be doing.

Millions of ways to skin that poor little cat though, imagination Vs cost…

/ Chris

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Subject: [Edge-computing] Edge Node locator

Hi ,

Disclaimer: I am not sure the question following is in the scope of this forum.

I am trying to understand the Edge Architecture from UE point of view. How an app in UE can detect what the nearest edge it has to contact and how does it know whether the app is provisioned in that edge or not?

Can you please share some pointers from this perspective?

Best Regards

Bharath T
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