[Edge-computing] Cross community meeting between Kubernetes WG IoT Edge and OSF ECG

Csatari, Gergely (Nokia - FI/Espoo) gergely.csatari at nokia.com
Wed Jun 10 11:16:14 UTC 2020


As discussed on the Kubernetes IoT Edge WG and the mailing list of OSF ECG let's have a cross community meeting next Wednesday (06.17) from 9:00 PT in the meeting of the Kubernetes IoT Edge WG.

I've added this to the agenda of the meeting<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yuwy9IO4X6XKq2wLW0pVZn5yHQxlyK7wdYBZBXRWiKI/edit#heading=h.3qyk59vcykqa>. Zoom link is here<https://zoom.us/j/760932414>.

Topics I would propose to discuss (feel free to comment if something is not right to discuss):

  *   Quick intro of Kubernetes IoT Edge WG
  *    Quick intro of OSF ECG
  *   Different edge cloud infrastructure architectures their benefits and drawbacks with Kubernetes. What things are missing from Kubernetes
     *   Centralized control plane (KubeEdge, K3s model)
     *   Distributed control plane (KubeFed model)
  *   Testing of Kubernetes in edge environments.
  *   Any other things people would like to propose

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