[Edge-computing] 2021 planning and OpenStack sample edge config

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko at openstack.org
Mon Nov 23 21:29:14 UTC 2020


On next week’s call we are having two main items on the agenda:
 * OpenStack sample edge config(s) - https://www.openstack.org/software/sample-configs#web-applications
 * 2021 planning - https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/edge-computing-group-2021-planning

The next call is on next Monday (November 30) at 1400 UTC: https://meetpad.opendev.org/osf-edge-computing-group

For further information about the WG resources please check the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Edge_Computing_Group



Ildikó Váncsa
Ecosystem Technical Lead
Open Infrastructure Foundation

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