[Edge-computing] OpenInfra Edge computing Group featured on OpenInfra Live

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko at openstack.org
Fri May 14 14:46:09 UTC 2021


I would like to draw your attention to yesterday’s (May 13) episode of OpenInfra Live[1], that is a weekly hour-long interactive content series sharing production case studies, open source demos, industry conversations, and the latest updates from the global open infrastructure community.

We were focusing on edge computing in our most recent episode, 'Open Edge Infrastructure Conundrums and Solutions'[2], where we discussed the OpenInfra Edge Computing Group and StarlingX.

Hereby I would like to thank Gergely Csatári, who was my partner in crime yesterday to share details and news about the OpenInfra Edge computing Group.

In case you missed the episode yesterday you can watch the recording[2] on YouTube and you can also access the slides[3] online. If you are interested in other episodes of OpenInfra Live you can check out the event website[1] that also points to the YouTube playlist for further recordings.

Thanks and Best Regards,

[1] https://openinfra.dev/live/
[2] https://youtube.com/watch?v=Hs8bp8NSYAM&feature=share
[3] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oFBcZWNfhSPl4DgvLMj-9LAH6ri8zX4lneofEH7jOIc/edit?usp=sharing


Ildikó Váncsa
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