[Openinfralabs] Canceled: Openinfralabs/Operate First Monitoring

Michael Daitzman msd at bu.edu
Tue Jul 7 21:58:43 UTC 2020

No meeting this week
Link to these notes: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/Jul_07_2020Monitoring

*Proposed Agenda items for July 7: *

 1.   No Agenda proposals for this week - some updates which we'll do in
    the etherpad and via mail

 2. //*/Reminder: Red Hat Engineers that work on the upstream projects
    involved in monitoring are looking for our inputs on monitoring
    requirements as inputs

  * */Some examples of related projects: Apache QPID dispatch router,
    rsyslog, collectd, Fluentd, Ceilometer, Elastic cloud on Kubernetes
    (ECK), prometheus, Kibana, Thanos/*

Note: we have not had anything to touch so we may not have a lot to say 
on this :-/. *If you have things you want addressed upstream please add 
as comments here: 

3. Update on CNV:

  * now working on MOC. 

  * Ilana and a team are working to replicate the CNV installation

  * Lars on vacation this week

  * Expect a demo next week (have not confirmed)

  * Next week will figure out ways to enable access to folks interested
    (small clusters, may be some limitations)

  * Looking for potential workloads for CNV that people want to propose
    during testing phase 

*Generally useful information:*

  * An Etherpad with links to various useful meeting notes, etc.:

  * OpenInfraLabs Youtube Channel:
    _https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9o1FYtFHVzsGRgCSU4lV4g_- I am
    adding videos there instead of gitlab.

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