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James Cole james at openstack.org
Fri Jun 5 18:41:12 UTC 2020

Hi again everyone! 

Some time has passed since we last talked about logos, so I wanted to share some ideas I've been working on and gather any thoughts you might have about them.

This is one of those tricky projects that might be too complex to adequately distill into a symbol, so I approached it from a more abstract perspective. Two of these ideas play off of the "labs" part of the name as a nod to the academic heritage of the project and use laboratory equipment as the primary icon. 

The first concept depicts a microscope examining 3 blocks, meant to represent code or data. It symbolizes the observation of software in test environments. The second depicts a test tube in a circle, loosely resembling and O and I for OpenInfra. The third concept breaks from the lab concept and focuses more on the idea of testing, using a check mark and X inside a square. 

These are all fairly simple, but I wanted to throw a couple of concepts out there to see what people think. 

Please let me know your thoughts! 

James Cole
Graphic Designer
OpenStack Foundation

> On Mar 31, 2020, at 5:08 PM, James Cole <james at openstack.org> wrote:
> Greetings OpenInfra Labs team!
> My name is James Cole and I’m a graphic designer with the OpenStack Foundation. We want to help you brand this project and would like to gather your ideas before venturing too far down the logo development process. 
> There are a few obvious possibilities for the visual identity (e.g., laboratory equipment, scientific things, symbols related to testing, etc.) but maybe you have some unique ideas that would better represent the project. 
> Our brand design process normally follows these steps: 
> Gather internal and community requirements 
> Create some rough concepts 
> Share the concepts internally with the OSF team 
> Share the concepts on the mailing list and gather feedback 
> Revise and refine concepts as necessary 
> Gather consensus and select the community favorite as the official logo
> Some things that are helpful to know:
> Do you have any initial ideas or opinions for this brand?	
> How would you want this brand to be perceived (corporate, futuristic, whimsical, trustworthy, etc.)?
> Are there any brands or projects similar to this project? 
> Are there any brands or visual systems you do not want to emulate?
> Any other thoughts?
> Thank you!
> James Cole
> Graphic Designer
> OpenStack Foundation
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