[Openinfralabs] OpenInfra Labs Branding

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Jun 15 13:33:53 UTC 2020

On 2020-06-15 07:52:10 -0400 (-0400), Heidi Dempsey wrote:
> FYI, this is a well-known similar logo:  https://www.cloudlab.us/
> I don't know if that is a positive or negative for what you're
> doing here.

They do both contain laboratory glassware, that's a good point.
Maybe the difference between a Florence flask and a test tube is
subtle for many (and if the OILabs logo is a boiling tube instead of
a test tube, then even their purposes are similar). To me they look
distinct, but to the layperson I suppose those might as well both be
beakers or even Erlenmeyer flasks.
Jeremy Stanley
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