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Fri Jun 19 21:33:35 UTC 2020

Happy to, love to get a bit more info on goals expectations :-).

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Hi everyone,

We have a virtual event called OpenDev: Large-scale Usage of Open Infrastructure Software<https://www.openstack.org/events/opendev-2020/> coming up June 29 - July 1, and the event will kick-off with a segment on User Stories Monday at 13:30 UTC. I was wondering if anyone is interested in giving a simple five minute presentation on OpenInfra Labs during that segment.

It would be great opportunity to promote what it is and get others interested and involved. The event is discussion based, and we’ll have quite a few research organizations represented as well, so I think OpenInfra Labs would make a great addition to the conversations.

Let me know if that’s something anyone he is interested in or if you have any questions.


Ashlee Ferguson
Community & Events Coordinator
OpenStack Foundation

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