[Openinfralabs] Virtual Project Teams Gathering

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue May 5 22:56:48 UTC 2020

I know some of you are already aware of the Project Teams Gathering
(PTG) events hosted by the OpenStack Foundation twice yearly. This
year, for obvious reasons, we've switched it (at least temporarily)
to become a globally-distributed virtual event. I thought the OILabs
community had been officially invited to participate, but couldn't
find any clear record so thought I would bring it up here.


As it says there, the full schedule will cover Monday, June 1
through Friday, June 5. Being a global event, timeslots are in UTC
and available basically around the clock. If OILabs folks have
things they think this event would provide them a useful venue for
discussing or rallying around, we're welcome to pick some available
times in the schedule here (just pick an available "room" for each
date and time we would meet and stick something like "OILabs" in the


We ask that the group try to coordinate so that only one person is
filling in the reservations, hopefully making it easier to avoid
duplication of effort or accidents like signing up for more slots
than we'll use.

For those who have attended a PTG before, the tools we'll use are
basically the same except, being virtual, OSF staff will make a
videoconferencing service available to take the place of the
physical venue they would normally arrange. For those who haven't
attended a PTG before, it's a loosely-coordinated "unconference"
style event where the only thing which is really firmly scheduled is
when various groups of people plan to be around to talk with one
another. We have an IRC channel (#openstack-ptg on Freenode) which
acts as both a place for discussing event-related topics like
seeking event-specific help, and as a command-and-control channel
for our "ptgbot" which teams can use to indicate what topics they're
talking about/getting ready to cover. It also has features for
booking available rooms on short notice, and for individuals to
indicate whether they're floating from one room to another:


Even if we don't have anything in particular we want to talk about,
many of us may still be interested in connecting with other
teams/projects/communities or otherwise participating in the event.
This is being run as a free event (no cost to participants), but OSF
would strongly appreciate if folks who want to attend would still
register (this assists in service capacity planning and helps remind
folks of the event's code of conduct):


Thanks, and I hope to "see" you there!
Jeremy Stanley
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