[Openinfralabs] Proposal: Relocating Open Infra Labs from Gitlab to Github

Daitzman, Michael S msd at bu.edu
Mon Nov 30 19:18:23 UTC 2020

I haven’t seen any pushback about doing this - to help with planning, @Jimmy, @Gabriel -  what is the timeframe for migrating the website process to GitHub?

On Nov 18, 2020, at 10:34 PM, Daitzman, Michael S <msd at bu.edu<mailto:msd at bu.edu>> wrote:

I wanted to have a discussion about relocating our gitlab content to github  so that we may better track MOC and OI Labs work on a single project board.
Problem Description
Historically the Mass Open Cloud repositories have existed github as have the Harvard and BU repositories being used for the NERC.  In addition, other team's working on related projects have voiced a preference for github.
This creates friction for the dev team's because Open Infra Labs was set up in gitlab and it is, for example, difficult to track the work on a single project board.
We have been tracking the details in this ticket: https://github.com/CCI-MOC/ops-issues/issues/39
Proposed solution including issues which need to be resolved
We propose relocating open infra labs gitlab content to an Openinfralabs github location.  Assuming we move forward we would like to do so before more processes become baked into our use of gitlab.
Known issues/steps:
•   confirm web site may be driven from github and schedule migration
•    moving content over
•   import issues - bring over discussions
•  redirect repositories to github
•  update openinfralabs web site with links
Alternatives & History
>Correction for next sentence: Initially we created the repository in the opendev structure and migrated to gitlab in response to feedback from operators who were not used to the gerrit workflow.
Some history – initially we created the repository in the opendev  and migrated to git in response to feedback from various operators.  We chose gitlab at the time because of the perception it is more open then github.
Other options:

  1.  Continue with current state – keeping OpenInfra Labs on gitlab.
  2.  Migrate MOC/NERC etc.  to gitlab.  This would be difficult both because of the size of existing repositories, need for retraining and the number of processes already built around the github model.
  3.  Revisit opendev – at this time it does not address the ease of access issues initially raised by operators.

I will summarize this note in irc and point to both the ticket and this email.


Michael Daitzman (He/Him)
msd at bu.edu<mailto:msd at bu.edu>

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