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Daitzman, Michael S msd at bu.edu
Thu Oct 1 17:43:26 UTC 2020

Hi Allison,

Happy to do it, and Kristi Nikola has offered to be a backup person if we have a schedule conflict.

I can’t follow the link:   read through slides 1-6<file:///Users/ashleeferguson/Downloads/FNTECH%20Speaker%20Support%20Guide_091120.pdf>   below, also, not sure what time this would be – what is the best way to do that?

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Hi everyone,

Circling back on this request. Does anyone in the OpenInfra Labs community have the bandwidth to do a 101 presentation?


Allison Price
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On Sep 21, 2020, at 8:22 AM, Allison Price <allison at openstack.org<mailto:allison at openstack.org>> wrote:

Hi OpenInfra Labs Community!

At the Open Infrastructure Summit (October 19-23)<https://www.openstack.org/summit/2020/>  we are inviting all of the OSF supported project communities to present a 101 session to provide an overview of what the project is and how folks can get involved. This would be a great opportunity to promote OpenInfra Labs and something we can feature on the new website, as well.

I have included more information below about the logistics of the session. Is anyone available to help pull together and present this content? Two people is an option as well if anyone wants to tag-team.

Let me know if you have any questions!



This session can be up to 25 minutes long, but we think around 15 minutes will be the most digestible for viewers. If the presenter or someone else from the OpenInfra Labs community is able to be online when the recording shows, we recommend utilizing the remainder of the time for Q&A with attendees in the virtual event platform chat for your session (for a total time of 30 minutes). Please read through slides 1-6<file:///Users/ashleeferguson/Downloads/FNTECH%20Speaker%20Support%20Guide_091120.pdf> before you begin recording. We recommend using Zoom if possible.

For the OpenInfra Labs Overview content, we’re hoping for it to be relatively beginner oriented. Some things you'll probably want to include are:
·         Explain what the project is
·         Share who all is involved
·         Open source projects OpenInfra Labs integrates
·         Tools used to contribute/where to find us online
·         How it follows the 4 Opens
We’ll share more details on how to submit your recording soon, but please plan on having it ready by October 1.

Allison Price
OpenStack Foundation
allison at openstack.org<mailto:allison at openstack.org>

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