[Openinfralabs] [Diversity] D&I WG Meeting Time and IRC vs Video Poll

Amy Marrich amy at demarco.com
Sun Dec 12 23:53:47 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

The Diversity and Inclusion WG is holding a poll to see if there would be
interest in attending if it were on another day and time as well as if IRC
vs Video would be preferred. We currently meet the first Monday of the
month at 17:00 UTC. And hope to have a planning meeting as our first
meeting of the year.

Our first meeting of the new year is slated for January 3rd at 17:00 UTC
and for IRC. We will take the poll results into consideration and may
cancel the January meeting to allow folks to plan on attending in which
case February's meeting would be the first of the year.

Please vote for your preferred days and times AND also for IRC and/or Video.

We are keeping to morning hours to encourage participation from EMEA but
not overly early for PST folks to attend. We will keep the poll up through
the end of the year.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns and remember
the Diversity and Inclusion WG is for ALL projects under the Open Infra


Amy (spotz)
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