[Openinfralabs] Location of meeting recordings?

Daitzman, Michael S msd at bu.edu
Thu Jun 10 13:45:35 UTC 2021

Hi- we have them and when I am back next week let’s talk about it- we have a YouTube channel set up and cam migrate them, also going forward we should look at streaming right to the channel.

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Subject: Re: [Openinfralabs] Location of meeting recordings?

On 2021-06-10 08:15:33 -0400 (-0400), Bill Burns wrote:
> Are you talking about the OpenInfra Live meetings or some other
> meetings? For the live meetings, the link shows past meetings as
> well.

The OILabs Telemetry meetings like the one held yesterday, and also
the Monitoring meetings before they got put on hold.
Jeremy Stanley
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