[Rust-VMM] Insula project and Hyper-v support

Timo Kreuzer timo at crowdstrike.com
Tue Feb 12 16:19:41 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I am working on Insula (https://github.com/insula-rs), more specifically on the Windows loader.

The Insula project was started as lightweight VM / container environment for KVM/Hyper-V written in Rust.

Some of the goals are:
* An abstraction layer to provide a platform independent interface for Linux/Windows / KVM/Hyper-V
* Support for Linux and Windows guest loaders
* Interface for hooks/callbacks:
    * security related host-side hooks for e.g. the detection of ring 0 exploits & security bypasses from the host.
    * optional generalized guest<->host communication interface, e.g. for a kernel-debugger transport layer or security software notifications
    * optional host-side debug hooks to provide the ability to debug the VM at a low level

Considering that firecracker already provide a lot of functionality, we have been looking into consolidating the code base, potentially joining a collaboration with the existing projects.

Since one of our goals is host platform independence, we would need Windows / WHV specific implementations / wrappers. Looking at the firecracker code, I found that kvm specific code is used here and there, but it doesn't seem too bad and could probably be modified to separate the kvm specific code from generic code.

This is a first RFC to see what you guys think about these things, whether you would be interested in the mentioned pieces and any feedback you might have on that topic.


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