[Rust-VMM] Project logo/identity

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openstack.org
Thu Feb 28 23:42:49 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

Someone reached out to Claire with the idea that it might be nice to have a basic logo/identity for the rust-vmm project to use when presenting and talking about what we’re working on here. We have some experience doing this with community input and are happy to create something if people think it would be valuable.

As a first step, we like to gather thoughts about what the project and visual identity should represent, so I created a brainstorming etherpad to collect input[1]. When you have a chance share your ideas and perspective on what rust-vmm is about from a mission and philosophy standpoint or what you think would be important concepts to try to represent and communicate. I took a stab at seeding it with some words, but please add whatever comes to mind. At this stage, the more input the better!

Next week, we can have some of our designers join the community call and spend a few minutes chatting about it as well. Thanks!


1. https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rust-vmm-identity-brainstorm

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