[Rust-VMM] [RFC, WIP] rust implementation of ghost-user protocol

Liu Jiang liuj97 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 05:31:12 UTC 2019

Hi all,
	As we have discussed, community members have showed interests in rust implementation of the ghost-user protocol. It happens that we are working on implementing ghost-user protocol, but still in very early stage. 
I think it would be better to share our work with community as early as possible so we could cooperate on the design and implementation. 
	The overall idea is to implement a rust crate for vhost-user protocol, and then extends the vhost driver in crosvm/firecracker to add a thin wrapper support both vhost (kernel) and vhost-user backends. The crate is in very early stage which only implements the skeleton and basic commands, so a long todo list:
	1) support dirty page log
	2) support live migration
	3) support IOMMU/IOTLB
	4) better documentation
	5) more unit test cases

	I have hosted the crate at my personal GitHub repository at https://github.com/jiangliu/vhostuser_rs <https://github.com/jiangliu/vhostuser_rs> and hope it could be hosted by the rust-vmm project eventually.
	Any comments, suggestions and PRs are welcomed!
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