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I really want the title spammer of the year.

Here is the project I was mentioning in my previous email: https://github.com/orgs/rust-vmm/projects/2

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Subject: Sync Call - Follow ups

Hello everyone,

Today we had an out of band sync call and we discussed quite a few things. The meeting notes are here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rust_vmm_2019_biweekly_calls

One of the highlights of the meeting was regarding the review process taking a long time. We discussed about how we can improve it including having smaller PRs, assign people as reviewers and others (full list in meeting notes). As a follow-up, I also created a project [1] in GitHub at the organization level to track open Pull Requests and issues and set priorities for them. The project is currently empty, I will start updating it although I not sure we have the right template for it right now. In the long run, it would be nice for submitters of issues/PRs to update the project as well so people can have a high overview of what is under development/what needs reviewers.

We also discussed about having the initial PR on a crate with the following format:

- README.md file that contains the design/architecture of the crate, interactions with other crates and other useful information. Once we create a new crate and open a PR, the design discussion will move from the community issue that introduces the crate to the PR. We can have multiple iterations on this and the conversation should be easier to follow.

- Any public traits or simple definition of public structures so people can have a grasp of how the implementation of the crate will continue.

- We can also link in the PR any PoC if that is necessary.

This should improve the review time as you don't need to look over thousands of lines of code at once.



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