[Rust-VMM] Crate Addition Request: CPU model

Jenny Mankin jenny.mankin at crowdstrike.com
Mon Mar 18 16:56:10 UTC 2019

We have a need for a similar VCPU crate, and have been working on some POC 
code for it. I have put up a proposal here: 
https://github.com/rust-vmm/community/issues/40.  Based on what I'm reading 
from your proposal, it sounds like there might some complementary 
functionality. I'd be interested in your feedback on our crate proposal, as we 
should stay in touch/work together on feedback in the designs for each to 
ensure both needs are complementary met.

On 19-03-11 14:39:42, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> On 11/03/19 02:31, Yi Sun wrote:
> > ## Crate Name
> >
> > 'cpu-model'
> >
> > ## Short Description
> >
> > A crate to provide a generic framework which has standard interfaces
> > and flexible mechanism to support customized CPU models.
> >
> > ## Why is this crate relevant to the rust-vmm project?
> >
> > Customized CPU model is necessary because of below reasons.
> > 1. Avoid CPU hardware vulnerabilities.
> > 2. Keep stable guest ABI.
> > 3. Hard requirement for live migration.
> What is in the definition of a CPU model?  I would expect stuff like:
> 1) converting CPUID leaf (eax+ecx)/register/bit from and to a string
> 2) converting MSR bit from and to a string
> 3) dependencies between CPUID leaves and from CPUID leaves to MSRs
> 4) XSAVE area offsets
> 5) dependencies between CPUID leaves and XSAVE areas
> Anything else?
Above things are my first plan to handle model related resources.
The crate should be generic and hypervisor agnostic. It defines a standard 
template and interfaces to make user easily configure 
features/register/msr/etc. Furthermore, provide a parameter to make user be 
able to add/remove feature when launching rust-vmm to dynamically adjust 

Because above things are part of CPU resources management, as the second step, 
I want to extend it to handle CPU states, address space, interrupts, etc. The 
goal is also generic and hypervisor agnostic.

At last, I'd like to implement cpu hotplug, live migration to extend it be a 
comprehensive cpu management crate.

It is a big blueprint. I will try to start from the easy part first. :)

> Paolo

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