[Rust-VMM] Rust-VMM Logo Concepts

Allison Randal allison at lohutok.net
Wed Mar 20 17:59:51 UTC 2019

On 3/20/19 5:41 PM, Matt Wilson wrote:
> It might be helpful to have examples of other fun logos.

The rustacean is a great example:


Here's the list of the OpenStack project logos, together with
information on licensing, and some fun background on how many of them
were created:


(FYI, Rust-VMM isn't part of the OpenStack project, so doesn't require
approval from the OpenStack technical committee, and some of the other
info on that page isn't relevant. But, the artist(s) who did those logos
had a lot of fun with it, and are happy to share their skills with other
open source projects.)

> I would just ask that all contributions to an open source
> project come with very clear usage rights. Code is not the only thing
> that needs a license. This community should not accept a code contribution
> without clear intent of the contributor in the way of explicit license
> or a patch to an existing licensed file.
> Please do the same for other contributions like art, if they are
> intended to become
> part of the community.

Agreed on clear licensing. My personal preference is for Creative
Commons licensing, picking the most open license that makes sense.


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