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Zhong, Yang yang.zhong at intel.com
Tue May 21 03:15:03 UTC 2019

Hello Andreea,

If I understand correctly, Rust-osdev mainly focus on kernel/OS side and they want to use rust to implement kernel.

As for ACPI mentioned in below link, their ACPI only implemented ACPI parser for ACPI tables in rust kernel.

The ACPI in rust-vmm is to implement different ACPI tables for guest kernel to parse.



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FYI I just discovered the Rust OSDev organization on GitHub and from a first look it seems there is some overlap with what we are trying to do.

I am specifically referring to the following repositories:

- ACPI: https://github.com/rust-osdev/acpi

- x86_64 looks like it can have some shared functionality with what we want to do in our arch crate: https://github.com/rust-osdev/x86_64

There might be parts of other repositories that could be interesting for us as well.

I will take some time to look at what they are doing and see if we can share something so we don't end up re-invent the wheel. I will share what I discover with you.



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