[Rust-VMM] rust-vmm 2021 road map discussion

Florescu, Andreea fandree at amazon.com
Mon Feb 15 10:13:45 UTC 2021

Hey everyone,

Thanks for attending the meeting! Below there are some action items & meeting minutes that I took.

There is no tl;dr sorry about that :)

Action Items:

  *   fandree@ to create a poll for setting up regular sync meetings
  *   aagch@ fandree@ lauralg@ to create issues with the AWS-side of the road map
  *   fandree@ (or delegate to someone else) to create a 2021 Road Map in rust-vmm
  *   sameo@ to create issues for PCI
  *   fandree@ sameo@ sync to create issues for vm-vcpu
  *   Sartura will submit their changes to vmm-reference as a PR
  *   Sartura & Sergio Lopez to sync on how they can reuse the C bindings (currently in libkrun)
  *   Amy/Sergio/Sebastien open issue in rust-vmm/community to discuss about vfio-user

Road Map 2021:

  *   vm-device:
     *   work on publishing it
  *   vm-virtio
     *   Sartura interested in:
        *   net
        *   block
        *   the PRs are opened in vmm-reference, we’ll discuss priorities inside the team (AWS), and come up with a timeline; Sartura is interested in picking up the PRs and merging them.
  *   vm-vcpu
     *   Vm & Vcpu traits
     *   default implementation for booting a Linux
     *   Sartura is interested in booting Windows as well
     *   Hypervisor abstractions
     *   AWS to sync with Cloud Hypervisor and find the best way of contributing this
  *   vm-memory:
     *   simplify the interface after PRs in flux settle down
  *   PCI
     *   sameo@ will add issue an issue (if one does not exist this) to
  *   vm-superio:
     *   there are no concerns to consume it in Cloud Hypervisor
     *   the crate provides fixes for CVE:
        *   https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2020-27173
        *   this needs to be improved as it is cumbersome to use; AWS will provide a better abstraction
     *   we are working on a fix for TX FIFO:
        *   the guest is interrupted too often because of a miss in the implementation:
           *   instead of sending the THRE interrupt for every 64 bytes that the device receives, we’re sending the interrupt for each byte
           *   this incurs delays in the guest & makes the serial console slower than it needs to be
        *   PR from community member: https://github.com/rust-vmm/vm-superio/pull/28
     *   merged fix for THRE:
        *   when writing to out is not possible, the serial console indefinitely blocks (because we are not triggering THRE anymore)
        *   when using named pipes bytes can be lost in the fraction of time between the time when the pipe gets full up until it gets cleared
        *   when using ring buffers, the output is not full, so this issue is easier to address
     *   vfio-user:
        *   can use the rust-vmm/vfio-ioctls crate: https://github.com/rust-vmm/vfio-ioctls
        *   adding support for this has been discussed at Red Hat:
           *   concerns: the spec is not final, waiting for it to stabilize before proposing a crate
           *   Red Hat is willing to add support for it in rust-vmm
  *   Testing & fuzzing:
     *   add fuzzing (linux-loader, virtio devices, vm-memory)
     *   proposed as GSoC projects:
        *   ability to run tests locally using rust-vmm-ci
        *   mocking utility frameworks for virtio queues
  *   Misc:
     *   Transition crates to workspaces where appropriate to simplify development (i.e. kvm, virtio)
     *   components are still published to crates.io<http://crates.io> individually
     *   Add threat model to existing components
  *   reference-vmm :
     *   polish it and make it modular
     *   add Arm support
     *   as more functionality gets added to rust-vmm, we can showcase how multiple VMM configurations can be quickly built
     *   Sartura is interested in providing improvements to the serial console:
        *   configuring named pipes for stdin/stdout
  *   Community Improvements:
     *   Process for reporting security vulnerabilities
     *   Improve contributing documentation
     *   Provide a public road map for existing repositories & for the project
     *   Setup regular sync meetings
        *   interested in participating:
           *   Sartura
           *   Intel
           *   Google
           *   AWS​

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Subject: rust-vmm 2021 road map discussion
When: Monday, February 15, 2021 10:00 AM-11:00 AM.

Meeting agenda:

1. Discuss about the rust-vmm road map for 2021
2. Sartura will present a demo using rust-vmm/vmm-reference.

It might be a stretch to fit the road map discussions in one hour, so we can look at the high level plans, and then schedule separate meetings to dive deep into certain topics.

See you soon!

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