[Rust-VMM] [Action Required] rust-vmm sync meetings

Alex Bennée alex.bennee at linaro.org
Wed Mar 3 13:32:23 UTC 2021

Andreea Florescu <fandree at amazon.com> writes:

>>> Before scheduling the recurring meeting, I'll just wait a couple more
>>> days to see if other people have any other ideas on how we can handle
>>> this.
>> Will this be a group HO/Zoom/Other?
> I'll create the meeting series later today. For the previous meeting we
> used Chime.
> It works fairly well from the browser, and it allows sharing your screen.
> If you have any other preferences let me know. I guess the only
> requirement is for people to be able to use it without installing
> another app.

As long as it works in the browser it will be fine. I'm fairly sure one
of the KVM forum BoFs I attended was a Chime session Alexander Graf set

Alex Bennée

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