[Rust-VMM] 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration Open Source Day - Call for Projects

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Wed Jun 8 20:39:42 UTC 2022

*Hello,We're excited to announce that the 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration
Open Source Day is open for projects <https://bit.ly/osd22-cfp>!Open Source
Day (OSD) is an all-day hack-a-thon at Grace Hopper Celebration in which
participants of all levels contribute and learn about Open Source while
working on projects designed to solve real-world problems. OSD provides an
opportunity for attendees of all skill levels and backgrounds to learn and
experience open source contributions with the support of project
maintainers, experienced mentors, and expert speakers, providing a fast
track to becoming open source contributors.This year, OSD will be a virtual
pre-event before the Grace Hopper Celebration, scheduled for Friday,
September 16, 2022, from 8:00am to 3:00pm U.S. Pacific Time.If you're an
open source project maintainer, we invite you to submit your project to be
part of Open Source Day 2022!OSD provides a great way for open source
project maintainers to promote your project, earn new contributors, and
improve overall health of your project. In addition, you will take part in
the movement to increase diversity in open source! According to the 2021
Linux foundation DEI Survey report
only 14% of open source participants identify as women and 4% as non-binary
or third gender and other estimates are a lot lower. Join us and be part of
the change!CFP link: https://bit.ly/osd22-cfp-projects
<https://bit.ly/osd22-cfp-projects>One of the big focuses of Open Source
Day is highlighting women open source maintainers. If you are aware of any
open source projects with women maintainers whom you think are a great fit
for this opportunity, please forward this announcement to them.Note:
Selected project maintainers will receive a complimentary virtual ticket to
the 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration.Best regards,The Open Source Day Team*

The Open Source Day Team
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