[service-announce] git-review 2.2.0

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Nov 24 02:53:09 UTC 2021

It's my pleasure to announce the release of git-review 2.2.0. These
are the corresponding release notes since the previous release:

Bug Fixes

  * When checking for unstaged or uncommitted changes to avoid
    performing a test rebase, unstaged and uncommitted changes in
    Git submodules are now ignored since those won’t be rebased

  * git-review now handles the Git core.hooksPath configuration
    option correctly. Thus, it installs the commit-msg hook into the
    core.hooksPath directory, if that option is set. Otherwise, it
    continues to install the hook into .git/hooks, relative to the
    root of the checkout.

  * With Git 2.18.0 and later, the --rebase-merges (-r) option will
    be used in place of the deprecated --preserve-merges (-p)
    option. This fixes a critical error when git-review is used with
    Git versions 2.34.0 onward, where the old option is no longer

As always, the latest version of git-review is available from PyPI:


Current documentation can be found here:


Its source code can be obtained from the OpenDev Collaboratory:


Please don't hesitate to follow up through the
service-discuss at lists.opendev.org mailing list or in the #opendev
channel on the OFTC IRC network if you have any questions.
Jeremy Stanley
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