[service-announce] Move Zuul queue declarations to the project level

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Sep 19 13:27:28 UTC 2022

This is just a reminder to users of our Zuul service that if you
find changes aren't getting any jobs run, or seem to not be running
some jobs you expect, you should double-check your configuration to
make sure you don't have a lingering "queue" setting in your project

Over the weekend, we updated to a version of Zuul which removed the
long-deprecated support for pipeline level queue declarations, and
it now expects queues to be set at the project level instead. We
directly notified some projects which we knew would be impacted, but
did not send a broader announcement to this list, so I just wanted
to be sure anyone taken by surprise with this change doesn't have to
waste additional time troubleshooting it.

Earlier today, the OpenDev sysadmins corrected numerous cases of
this error in the central openstack/project-config repository used
by the openstack tenant, but there are still many projects which
have similar errors in their in-repository configuration as well.

For the reminder from the Zuul maintainers, see here:


Also these posts to the OpenStack discussion lists may include
helpful information about the transition:


Jeremy Stanley
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