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Antoine Musso hashar at
Wed Nov 4 10:08:14 UTC 2020


The opendev/gear is a pure python implementation of the Gearman 
protocol, written for Zuul 2.x.  The project has a few pending changes 
that could use a final approval, one is required to unbreak the CI jobs.

I am interested in helping on the maintenance, though I don't know which 
process I can start to eventually be blessed with W+1 rights on this 
repository.  I will be more than happy to help on that front.

Meanwhile, here is a summary of the changes that could certainly be 
approved immediately:

"use python3 as context for build-python-release"

Without it, the job fails for all proposed change. The same fix has been 
made to Zuul via

"Bump crypto requirement to accommodate security standards"

Raise the RSA security certificate bits from 1024 to 2048 and sign the 
key with sha256 instead of sha1.  Without it, it seems pyOpenSSL 
complains the key is too small and the hash system too weak.

"wakeConnections: Randomize connections before scanning them"

That is an issue we had for a while at Wikimedia, the server wakes 
connection in the order they get registered. The connection that 
registered first ends up executing way more work than the last 
registered one.   By shuffling the list of connections before waking 
them up, that helps spreading the load.

"Modify connection timeout process"

Resolves a potential deadlock, a connection timeout would not release 
the connection lock.

"Move handleDisconnect into BaseClientServer"

Really a noop, it is just moving a method to the parent class which is 
the sole use of it.

"Added Docker image builds"

Generates a Docker image to run the gear daemon.


Antoine "hashar" Musso

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