Team Meeting Agenda for October 6, 2020

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Mon Oct 5 22:40:14 UTC 2020

We will meet at 19:00 UTC in #opendev-meeting on October 6, 2020 with this agenda:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements
** OpenStack Release next week.
** Rax hosted db outages around 03:00-05:00 UTC Friday including those for review and grafana

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs approval

* Priority Efforts (Standing meeting agenda items. Please expand if you have subtopics.)
** [ Update Config Management]
*** topic:update-cfg-mgmt
*** Zuul as CD engine
** OpenDev
*** Where is review-test is now a mimic of production Gerrit as of October 1
**** Testing of the upgrade process to begin shortly.
*** Luca has offered to do a conference call with us. Let me know if interested and I'll include you for scheduling if/when that happens.

* General topics
** PTG PLanning (clarkb 20200929)
*** October PTG registration is now open:
*** OpenDev planning stats here:
** Rehoming tarballs (ianw 20200929)
*** large selection of things in that should be under tenant dirs opendev/ x/ zuul/ etc.
*** -- script to generate script that generates a script to cleanup
*** -- resulting moves
*** symlink old directories?  apache redirects (files gone on afs)?  just move but notifiy lists?
** Splitting puppet else into specific infra-prod jobs (clarkb 20200929)
*** Should be mostly mechanical
*** Does it make sense to try and sprint this? Have several people work on getting it done in a short period of time?
** Bup and Borg Backups (clarkb 20200929)
*** is ready to land when we are ready.
** Trusty Upgrade Progress (clarkb 20200929)
*** Wiki updates

* Open discussion

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