Some of your OpenDev Gerrit SSH keys have been deleted

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Thu Oct 22 22:15:14 UTC 2020

On 2020-10-22 15:01:37 -0700 (-0700), App Support wrote:
> Would the deletion affect the login to
> <>
> Somehow I got an error when trying to login.
> I am new to OpenStack and just started contributing to
> documentations.

It should not affect your ability to log into the Web interface at only your ability to push changes over
SSH on port 29418/tcp (for example, using the git-review tool). If
you're having trouble logging into the Web interface, we're still
more than happy to help.

You presumably had a working login for the Web interface at some
point, or else you wouldn't have been able to add an SSH public key.
When you visit the site, does it show your name in the top-right
corner or does it say "Sign In" there? If it says "Sign In" and you
click on those words, it should send your browser to the site prompting you to click a "Yes, log me in"
button. Once you click that, you should be returned to the review
site and see your name in the top-right corner. Is that not working?
Do you receive an error at some point in that process?
Jeremy Stanley
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