Team Meeting Agenda for December 7, 2021

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Mon Dec 6 22:48:21 UTC 2021


We will meet with this agenda on December 7, 2021 at 19:00 UTC in #opendev-meeting:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs Review

* Topics
** Improving OpenDev's CD throughput (clarkb 20211207)
*** We can run many of our jobs in parallel in all of our CD pipelines. But this requires we properly document/address dependencies
*** We ended up in a weird spot after relying on the per buildset update source job:
**** We weren't syncing updated repo content to bridge but to a single use test node
**** We weren't hard depending on the job so if it didn't run we would run the other jobs without updated sources
**** We weren't adding the update source job to hourly and daily periodic buildsets
*** Next steps happening in
** User management on our systems (clarkb 20211207)
*** Still struggling with matrix-gerritbot. Now openssh on it complains that uid 11000 doesn't exist.
*** Eventually convert mariadb container's from uid 999 to something that makes more sense on the system.
** Adding a mailman site (fungi 20211207)
*** Ansible newlist invocations still struggling
*** and parent are a stack to investigate and fix this.
** exists now (clarkb 20211207)
*** This can be used to gain more familiarity with the tool to implement our authentication spec.
*** Are we treating this as production ready? Might be good to avoid that for now while we investigate how to apply this to our previous spec?
** Gerrit User Summit (clarkb 20211207)
*** Gerrit 3.2 is EOL
*** We can integrate with the new Checks UI stuff if we implement a Checks plugin for Zuul.
**** This plugin would run within Gerrit and poll an API on the Zuul side for CI results and render them in a consistent manner.
*** Composable Submit Requirements
**** This is a new system for expressing what is required to merge a change
**** Relies on boolean query language using Gerrit's existing query predicates.
**** Mostly we should be careful to avoid accidentally allowing too much access when this shows up.
*** ChronicleMap libmodule plugin persistent caches
**** This replaces H2 caches for a number of things and gives the caches persistence. Can apparently have a big impact on performance
**** One suggestion was that Gerrit incorporate this by default.
** Spring cleaning our Nodepool images (clarkb 20211207)
*** CentOS 8, Fedora 34, Gentoo, OpenSUSE 15, and OpenSUSE tumbleweed are either EOL, going EOL, or lacking care necessary to keep building up to date images.
*** draft communications for proposed cleanups.

* Open discussion

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