Team Meeting Agenda for June 8, 2021

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Mon Jun 7 21:57:10 UTC 2021

We will meet with this agenda on June 8, 2021 at 19:00 UTC in #opendev-meeting on OFTC:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs approval

* Topics
** Switch to OFTC now largely complete (clarkb 20210608)
*** Limnoria bot rewrite
*** Update PTGbot for OFTC
*** Is PGTbot python3 capable? We also need to register a nick for it.
** Gerrit Account cleanup (clarkb 20210608)
*** Need review on more dangerous list. Can disable those accounts then clean them up if they look ok.
** Picking up steam on Puppet -> Ansible rewrites (clarkb 20210608)
*** Enable Xenial -> Bionic/Focal system upgrades
*** Start capturing TODO list here
*** Mailman next
**** Will use semi recent snapshot as the test platform.
** Cleaning up PPC packages in our CentOS 8 mirror (clarkb 20210608)
** Scheduling project renames (clarkb 20210608)
*** Our playbook(s) that do renames likely need updating since the last gerrit upgrade.
**** We can test this with our functional testing of gerrit too.

* Open discussion

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