Gerrit 3.3 upgrade: dashboards and attention sets

Ian Wienand iwienand at
Wed Oct 13 05:20:05 UTC 2021


You may have noticed the recent upgrade of Gerrit to version 3.3 on  We note two things users should be aware of

- Dashboard links

If your dashboard uses it
may no longer work, despite being the documented way to create
dashboards.  We are currently unclear if this is a bug or a feature
[1] but in the mean time, removing the "/#/" (i.e. just use  makes things work.

- Attention sets

You have hopefully seen a new section on the main page "Your Turn".
This is the Gerrit "Attention Set" feature [2].

This is an optional feature, but we feel it is worth spending some
time with it to see how this can fit into our workflows.

One thing to be aware of is that adding a vote by default adds the
uploader in the attention set.  While this makes sense in some models
(particuarly non-gating where you are expected to merge yourself), in
our environment usually adding a +1 or +2 with no comments is not
something that needs the attention of the uploader -- it's either
waiting for more review, or Zuul will merge it after gating tests.

At the bottom of the modal box where you are inputting your votes you
can easily modify the attention set.  Look out for it next time you're
reviewing!  Consider removing others if your comments do not require
new attention.

If we pollute other people's attention lists with changes that don't
actually need their attention the feature will not be useful.  So it
is worth us all trying to work with the system and be mindful of who
and when we add people (we have raised an issue to discuss our
workflow with this feature, but it will not be an instant fix [3]).


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