Infra Team Meeting Agenda for September 21, 2021

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Tue Sep 21 01:24:40 UTC 2021

We will meet on September 21, 2021 at 19:00 UTC in #opendev-meeting with this agenda:

== Agenda for next meeting ==

* Announcements

* Actions from last meeting

* Specs Review
** Prometheus spec
*** Need to decide on using node-exporter or snmp-exporter.
*** Seems like running node-exporter in docker is weird but doable. Using distro packages exposes us to changing metric names as they are all pre 1.0 release.

* Topics
** Mailman Ansible and Server Upgrades (clarkb 20210921)
*** is running focal now
**** Kernel packages have been pinned. If you update the kernel you need to decompress it.
**** Fungi is working on a mailman3 spec. We can decide the best route for replacing the server with that context.
** Improving OpenDev's CD throughput (clarkb 20210921)
*** We can run many of our jobs in parallel in all of our CD pipelines. But this requires we properly document/address dependencies
**** Need to understand our job dependencies and properly note them in Zuul config or address them by combining jobs.
***** Example 1: Combine service-gitea-lb and service-gitea jobs.
***** Example 2: Combine letsencrypt and nameserver jobs
***** Example 3: Have all jobs with webserver config express a dependency on the letsencrypt job
**** Suggest we document the known job dependencies in a human readable format, then encode this into zuul, then we can switch to parallel runs.
**** starts to sketch this out.
** Gerrit Account cleanups (clarkb 20210921)
*** 33 conflicts remain. Clarkb has written notes on proposed plans for each user in the comments of review02:~clarkb/gerrit_user_cleanups/audit-results-annotated.yaml
** OpenDev logo hosting (clarkb 20210921)
*** Stack at migrates services to the new asset locations.
** Scheduling Gerrit project renames (clarkb 20210921)
*** Penciled in the week of October 11-15
** Gerrit replication "leaks" (clarkb 20210921)
*** We've added a 15 minute network timeout to the gerrit config. Need to restart the server to pick that up.
** InMotion cloud has been scaled up (clarkb 20210921)
*** We need to work on tuning the over subscription ratios.

* Open discussion

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