[all] Dynamic Zuul results table in Gerrit 3

Brian Haley haleyb.dev at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 18:54:34 UTC 2022

Sorry to respond to such an old thread, but figured the context might help.

Sometime in the past couple of months, the Zuul status script (thanks 
Radoslaw!) that's run in the tamper/greasemonkey browser extension 
stopped working. Not sure if anyone else noticed and/or has a workaround 
for it, I'm just not good enough with javascript to fix it myself :(



On 12/3/20 04:22, Radosław Piliszek wrote:
> Hello Fellow OpenStack and OpenDev Folks!
> TL;DR click on [3] and enjoy.
> I am starting this thread to not hijack the discussion happening on [1].
> First of all, I would like to thank gibi (Balazs Gibizer) for hacking
> a way to get the place to render the table in the first place (pun
> intended).
> I have been a long-time-now user of [2].
> I have improved and customised it for myself but never really got to
> share back the changes I made.
> The new Gerrit obviously broke the whole script so it was of no use to
> share at that particular state.
> However, inspired by gibi's work, I decided to finally sit down and
> fix it to work with Gerrit 3 and here it comes: [3].
> Works well on Chrome with Tampermonkey. Not tested others.
> I hope you will enjoy this little helper (I do).
> I know the script looks super fugly but it generally boils down to a
> mix of styles of 3 people and Gerrit having funky UI rendering.
> Finally, I'd also like to thank hrw (Marcin Juszkiewicz) for linking
> me to the original Michel's script in 2019.
> [1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-November/019051.html
> [2] https://opendev.org/x/coats/src/commit/444c95738677593dcfed0cfd9667d4c4f0d596a3/coats/openstack_gerrit_zuul_status.user.js
> [3] https://gist.github.com/yoctozepto/7ea1271c299d143388b7c1b1802ee75e
> Kind regards,
> -yoctozepto

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