Service Coordinator Election Nominations

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at
Wed Feb 16 15:15:39 UTC 2022

Sorry for the late reply ... thanks for being willing to serve again!

On 2/15/22 4:00 PM, Clark Boylan wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 8, 2022, at 12:09 PM, Clark Boylan wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I've noticed that while I brought up the planned nomination period of
>> January 25, 2022 to February 8, 2022 for our Service Coordinator
>> election in our meeting agendas, and the meetings themselves; I never
>> sent a proper announcement to the mailing list about this. We discussed
>> this in today's meeting and there were no objections to extending the
>> nomination period to 23:59 UTC February 15, 2022. This way everything
>> is formally announced and anyone interested has time to sign up.
>> Consider this the official call for nominations. You've got a week to
>> put your name in the hat if you'd like to give the Service Coordinator
>> hat a go. If we have more than one nomination at that point we'll
>> figure out an election process that should run for a week. If we end up
>> with one nomination that individual will win by default.
> There are about three hours left and I've not seen anyone nominate themselves. I'm willing to continue in this role for the next 6 months. Consider this my self nomination. As before, I don't expect much to change. I'll be focusing on sustainability of the services and building an OpenDev that we can continue to operate into the future.
>> Looking at the 2022 calendar for the next election: we should plan to
>> have nominations from August 2 - 16, 2022. Then have an election the
>> week after if necessary.
>> Clark

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