[Edge-computing] Request for people interested in an Edge Computing Security session at Summit

beth.cohen at verizon.com beth.cohen at verizon.com
Mon Feb 5 04:18:49 UTC 2018

Folks -
I have submitted a proposal for a session at the Vancouver Summit on Securing the Edge.  I am looking for people who would like to join me on the panel/presentation.  Drop me a note if you are interested in participating.

Cloud Edge computing use cases range from IoT to VR/AR and any widely distributed application in between.  However, taking OpenStack out of the data center requires an entirely new approach to security when there is far less ability to restrict access and often the applications require a shared tenant model. Some of the factors that need to be considered include:
•	More stringent requirements for infrastructure software (code/design) in exposed environments
•	New ways of thinking about RBAC at the control interfaces 
•	Conflicts arising from shared ownership and divided responsibilities for devices/systems/applications
•	Managing lifecycle operations and deployments over insecure WAN connections
•	Different ways of looking at tenant spaces in remote locations
•	Imposing network/compute/storage/memory separation from the underlying virtualization/hardware components
•	Managing security over intermittent WAN connections 
•	Securing semi-autonomous and self-managed locations

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