[Edge-computing] 2018 Work Sessions for Attemting to drive Edge Computing towards Abstractions

prakash RAMCHANDRAN pramchan at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 08:17:13 UTC 2018

Hi all,
First returning to Edge after few months and like to understand what I saw was discussed in this forum till now, from OpenDev at SF last year till date:
1. General idea of Special VM at edge as cloudlet by Prof Satya of CMU with his App centric approach and more geared towards computing 1 hop from device, clearly the best reserach to date for Edge cloud/computing. 2.use cases - edge could infra, single vs multi-operator, capacity, alarms/monitor, unified dashbaord, PM, FM, VM migration, Discovery, Registry, VM Overlay/Sythesys, VM Residual3. LTE based edge with RRH, ENB, Front end micro DC for Mobile apps.(like CMU /Nokia labs)4.  Classifiation of Infra based on sizing of requirments at edge by compute/HPC, stoarge, throughput,latnecy, Interaction and typical use cases in auto for V2I with hierarchial cloud with edge closer to device.
All variations have some or the other proprietary approach and we need lowest common base to make sense from to defining edge cloud Infra or edge cloud App.
Abstractions are key and here is an attempt to arrive at commn absractions for use cases.
Suggest we discuss how to derive lowest coomon objects based on following Abstracions as a start:
Abstratiing edge compute Infrastructure & Applications for Openstack 1. IDP - Third Party/ CSP2. Cloud and/or CSP - Provider/Tenanant, Type - Central/Ditributed/Edge3. Cluster - node (Compute, Network, Storage, Mixed, cloudlet ), type (Phy, Virt), topology, template, capability(Bandwidth, Latency, Jitter)4. Service composition over Cluster using VM, Containers or Unikernal5. Serbice Discovery & Registartion in Catalog6. Workload Supported - Video Streaming, Real time Application(Audio, Alarms), IoT Application, Interactive apps like Games/AR/VR/MR, Presence and Messaging (twitter/IM)7. Hardware Acceleration - Compression, Encryption, Offloading workloads8.Stateless and State Management for Applications on Edge Infrastructure 9. End-to-End Service level Policy, Resource pooling/Charging , Resiliance and other Opesrational complexity management.
Since we have had many false starts sticking to basics like Prof. Saty suggetss is the best way and you are welcome to tear apart what I write here to give some alternate approach to simplify the complexity of dancing elephents as our reaserch folks call it.
Also if you can educate on any projects that have covered of late any of the above which I am un-aware please educate me. Our window to close is Thursday for Vanouver CFP and like to hear from you all to see where are we headed after several attempts to get consensus on Edge Computing.
We discuss this based on time available this or few more weeks when we continue this to get some reasoanble idea for blueprints and directions we take in 2018.

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