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Sun, Yih Leong yih.leong.sun at intel.com
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My understanding on Oaktree is it is a gPRC API and support multiple clouds (currently for multiple OpenStack Clouds / Regions but potentially can support non-OpenStack cloud in the future) and provide consistent model for “user” to manage resources across “differences” in every clouds. It uses gRPC and protobuf which is more streamline and network efficient.

> On Feb 24, 2018, at 3:20 AM, "lebre.adrien at free.fr" <lebre.adrien at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> From my viewpoint, Oaktree (like ONAP) can be considered as top/down (or over the top) solutions. 
> That is, they use/orchestrate cloud software stacks such as OpenStack. 
> Unless I miss a discussion/mail ;), the question whether we should go to an -- over the top or bottom/up or even an hybrid -- approach is still undefined. 
> With an over-the-top solution, you may have to reimplement a lot of mechanisms/services that are already available at the cloud level (i.e. inside the Openstack codebase). I'm thinking about things like scheduling (Placement API), VM image sharing (geo-distributed Glance), ...). 
> Moreover, it is not clear that such over-the-top solution can fulfil some edge requirements such as the network-split-brain one. In other words, will/should the over-the-top solution be fully distributed in the sense that there is an entry point on each edge site? Can end-users use the edge-site directly without going through the over-the-top API? How mitigating synchronisation problems that may occur in such a context?
> On the other side (bottom/up approach), making a software stack as complex as OpenStack collaborative is definitely a challenge that could require significant efforts in terms of development (probably requiring important revisions in major services). Is the OpenStack community ok/ready to do such an effort?
> I hope the PTG discussion will enable us to clarify the different pros/cons of each approach in order to mitigate the development efforts overall and reduce also the complexity of the whole resource management system of an edge infrastructure. 
> I'm definitely not an Oaktree nor ONAP expert but I think it would be valuable to better understand what is inside and try to identify whether some of the mechanisms are not redundant in somehow with the OpenStack ones.
> From my viewpoint, it is important if we go with an over-the-top solution to keep the complexity of the global software stack as minimal as possible. 
> My two cents, 
> Adrien
> PS: A similar debate has been done during the Tricircle big tent application (in 2016). It led to the split of Tricircle in two projets: Tricircle that deals with the network aspects and Trio2o, which aims to orchestrate several regions. The first one is under the big tent whereas the added value of the second one w.r.t. the Openstack codebase was not convincing enough to be accepted as a new project. 
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>>> On 14:37 Feb 22, Addepalli, Srinivasa R wrote:
>>> ONAP uses two kinds of APIs
>>> -        HEAT API
>>> -        Individual component API.
>>> My understanding ONAP is moving towards second method of calling
>>> individual
>>> component API when ONAP moves to TOSCA based orchestration.  They
>>> are all
>>> REST API, not the gRPC APIs.
>>> Is Oaktree part of Pike release?
>> Oaktree is very much still in development. It currently supports list
>> images
>> and list flavors so far. Monty sent an email back in November giving
>> the
>> current state and future, although these ideas might be out of date.
>> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-November/124974.html
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