[Edge-computing] Classifying edge-site scenarios / Identifying expected features

Paul-Andre Raymond paul-andre.raymond at b-yond.com
Wed Jan 10 03:38:44 UTC 2018


Thanks for sharing. I was not aware of this work and I found the article interesting.
Today we discussed two aspects:
1- How to make openstack fit into smaller footprint (i.e. into an edge site)
2- How to make openstack more distributed (with Compute nodes at edge sites connected via a WAN link)

This article certainly fits in the first category. 
In particular, if we think about deploying Openstack components in Unikernels instead of deploying them with Containers.


On 1/9/18, 6:00 PM, "Allison Randal" <allison at lohutok.net> wrote:

    Following up on the conversation in the call today, have folks on the
    list read "My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container"[0]? It's a
    good example of the kind of work we could do now on OpenStack, if we
    select a small number of representative use cases/scenarios, build
    sample deployments, and share concrete data with developers on specific
    changes we need in OpenStack. This kind of work can be ongoing at the
    same time as higher-level and broader-scope conversations about areas
    where we're still unsure of the best architecture or implementation details.
    [0] Filipe Manco, Costin Lupu, Florian Schmidt, Jose Mendes, Simon
    Kuenzer, Sumit Sati, Kenichi Yasukata, Costin Raiciu, and Felipe Huici
    (2017) "My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container." In
    Proceedings of the 26th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP
    '17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 218-233. DOI:
    https://doi.org/10.1145/3132747.3132763, Also available at:
    On 01/05/2018 06:53 PM, lebre.adrien at free.fr wrote:
    > Hi, 
    > Following the LTE discussion, I'm wondering whether we should not try to classify the edge-site scenarios by level of the complexity (i.e., features/capabilities each scenario implies/requires).
    > A possible classification can start with: 
    > a) An edge infrastructure composed of several edge sites operated by a same organisation with WAN wired connections. 
    > b) The same infrastructure but with LTE connections
    > c) Scenario a) but where the edge infrastructure is spread over several edge sites belonging to different organisations/operators
    > d) scenario c) but with LTE
    > e) ..
    > In parallel, we can try to identify w.r.t these scenarios what are the expected features/services from the administrator viewpoint and then from the developers viewpoint.
    > I have the feeling that we all have relevant scenarios with specifics according to our targets. Having a classification can allow us to move forward by just focusing on classes instead of each particular scenario independently. 
    > My two cents, 
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