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Fu Qiao fuqiao at chinamobile.com
Wed Jun 6 09:13:08 UTC 2018

Thank you Adrien. I was just about the reply with more details.

About latency, this as I understand is actually decided mostly by the distance of the distributed cloud. So it actually decided by where exactly the location Keystone would like to deploy, and what is the distance expectation. Like what I explain in my presentation, we plan to have keystone sitting in the city level to control multi cloud in counties, and the latency will be around 5ms. But again this is a certain situation for China Mobile. And other operators may make the conlusion on a different structure. Another thing we can do is work on simulation and testing and see what kind of latency the current keystone federation scheme can tolerant. This will help the operators to work out there structure as well. 

About bandwidth, the impression for me is we could expect more than 50GB of bandwidth for edge for 5G. And I think that is enough for most of the app.

Hope this will help.

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It is rather difficult to give numbers because there are several use-cases. 
However, a good starting point can be to give a look to the presentation Qiao Fu gave during the Vancouver summit: https://www.openstack.org/videos/vancouver-2018/edge-tic-future-edge-cloud-for-china-mobile
There is a lot of numbers regarding the infrastructure China Mobile is envisioning. 

Hope this helps. 
PS: I cannot attend the meeting  yesterday unfortunately but I'm wondering whether the disconnection aspects have been discussed (i.e. the fact that one site can be completely isolated for a certain period of time  due to network disconnections). 

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> During the call today, members of the Glance and Keystone teams 
> requested clarity on the following areas:
>     * Latency - what are the specific latency requirements that need
>     to be met?
>     * Bandwidth towards the edge - similarly, what are the
>     limitations of bandwidth at the edge that we can expect?
>     * Security - what are the specific security considerations that
>     need to be?
> Please feel free to A.) contribute additional areas that need 
> clarifying B.) clarify any of the added.
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