[Edge-computing] [E] meet-up at Open networking Summit LA on Tue 27h March 5.45 PM - 6.30 PM PST

beth.cohen at verizon.com beth.cohen at verizon.com
Wed Mar 21 18:42:26 UTC 2018

Hi all,

This is an invite to all edge-compute group participants attending ONS at Los Angeles next week.(week of 3/25/2018)
After feedback and  looking at schedules the best time I have arrived is Tuesday March 27th evening.
You may forward this to individuals who are interested in helping us in this effort.

Here is plan:

Venue: Openstack booth at Expo Hall
Date & Time:  Tuesday 27th, 5.45Pm-6.30 PM

Meet & Greet
F2F discussions on topic(s) of interest to drive Edge Cloud efforts of Openstack
Architecture learning from ONS +1
Edge Projects that have started

Please send your participation with +1 and your name, number to connect when you are at Summit.
Add any topics you want to discuss as I have added architecture learning above.
Add any links to this you want us to review along the agenda.

Independent  Board of Director (Openstack)


1.     Prakash Ramchandran - pramchan at yahoo.com<mailto:pramchan at yahoo.com> (408) 406-5810 (Can text me at Summit on this phone)

2.     Beth Cohen – beth.cohen at verizon.com<mailto:beth.cohen at verizon.com> or bfcohen at luthcomputer.com<mailto:bfcohen at luthcomputer.com> (617) 721-7256 (Can text me at Summit on this phone)


Beth Cohen
NFV/SDN Network Product Strategy

O +781-466-2055 | M +781-434-8553
beth.cohen at verizon.com<mailto:beth.cohen at verizon.com>

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