[Edge-computing] Edge tutorial articles - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko at openstack.org
Mon Sep 9 17:14:27 UTC 2019


I’m reaching out to you as I got asked if we have people in our working group who would be interested in writing up writing a practical "Edge Tutorial” or two for the large German magazine iX (Heise-Verlag).

The request has the following parameters:
* Target group: interested community with strong IT background
* Target focus: practical guide to use Edge Computing related frameworks (maybe an example regarding distributed edge intelligence)
* Size: 2-6 pages with 6000 to 7000 characters each (incl. spaces) and code snippets. Figures would count for around 500 characters.
* Timing: 
   * Tutorial 1: beginning of October
   * Tutorial 2: beginning of November

As the articles will be published in a German paper they either need to be written in German or need to be translated.

__As we have a very tough timeline, please reach out to me if you are interested in participating ASAP.__

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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