[Floss-mooc] MOOC title/subtitle

Marc Jeanmougin marc.jeanmougin at telecom-paris.fr
Mon Apr 11 16:34:36 UTC 2022

Hi all, 

We need a decision on the MOOC title, and I'd like to initiate a discussion first, so I'll put here my thoughts on the matter.

The main candidates for the course title for now are a combination of FLOSS | Open source | Free software | Upstream(ing) + University | Masterclass .

In that sense, there is a tradeoff between the practical (code-focused) contents of the course, the aspects of foreseeable reception or engagement by the community/communities (perception of the term "Open source" vs "Free software" or "FLOSS"), and of course the popularity of those terms in the student audience = how likely people will "get" what the course is about from the title, without prior knowledge of the subject.

Hence, IMO the best tradeoff is to use "open source" in the title ("open source masterclass" does sound nice) and use the subtitle to precise something like "Contributing code to upstream free/libre/opensource projects", but I'd be happy to hear your thoughts about it



(issue link : https://gitlab.com/mooc-floss/mooc-floss/-/issues/54 )

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