[Openinfralabs] MOC CNV install

Marcel Hild mhild at redhat.com
Wed Jun 17 08:33:20 UTC 2020

Good, I've created an issue
https://gitlab.com/open-infrastructure-labs/moc-cnv-sandbox/-/issues/13 to
track this idea. Might be good to get more involvement from other
communities and automate the setup process

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 3:28 PM Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars at redhat.com>

> On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 04:13:37PM +0200, Marcel Hild wrote:
> > great progress on installing the CNV cluster. As I understand, the next
> > step would involve tearing it down and installing it again, to see if the
> > install playbooks are good.
> We haven't had a successful install yet, so we're still on the first
> step :).
> > I wonder if we should involve the OpenShift Hive folks at some point?
> >
> https://github.com/openshift/hive/blob/master/docs/using-hive.md#create-cluster-on-bare-metal
> My impression was that Hive was primarily targeted at multi-cluster
> installs, which I think will be interesting a little further out when
> we may be creating on-demand openshift clusters as part of the NERC.
> In the near term, I think it only makes sense to spend time looking at
> it if it's going to be the recommended installation tool for openshift
> in general, even for single cluster deployments.
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